New York City-based Chilean multi-disciplinary Artist and Journalist.

Since June 2023, I’m an MFA Student in the Integrated Media Arts program, at Hunter College.

I currently run Panflute.nyc and teach at the Film & Media department of Hunter College.

Resume and more info about me, here.

Tell me what you see (with your robot eyes), 2024 (Excerpt)
Single-channel video, color
Continuous loop
The Other 9/11, 2023 (Excerpt)
Single-channel video, color, and stereo sound
Continuous loop
A small documentary on the B-60 Brooklyn bus.
Salas, Camilo. Amundo. Pan Flute, 2022.  

I can help you with rephrasing your question in different ways.
Here are some possible options:

-How can I tell if I am turning into a surveillance device?
Am I transforming into a tool for monitoring and tracking?
-What are the signs that I am becoming a surveillance machine?
-How do I know if I am evolving into a device for observation and control?
-Am I changing into a mechanism for surveillance and manipulation?

I hope these options are helpful for you